mt. shasta

by mt. shasta

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released February 24, 2017

written and recorded by Andrew Sheldon
recorded at The Sandbox
artwork by MJR



all rights reserved


mt. shasta Easton, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Not Myself
Standing at the concert of the tap dancing drummer,
You called me on a couple of faults.
You were right when you said I don't know who I am,
That it's something I've never been sure of.

Now the words, they don't flow like they used to,
And they thoughts, they all just dissolve.
And when they unfold, it's more like a ghost,
And I'm never quite sure what I saw.

I wish I said sorry as we talked over coffee,
I couldn't find the right things to say.
And you know I couldn't blame you when you looked up from the table,
And said you couldn't see me again.
Track Name: Damage
I'm musing a text that reminds me of you.
It was sad and despondent and devastatingly beautiful.
The setting and the plot seem to foreign to me,
But I'm becoming more entice with every page that I read.

But the character flaws run deep.
It's the nature of things,
That nothing's ever perfect,
So we take the next best thing.
But the heroine's a cur,
The antagonist a cheat,
And she stays right by his side,
Through every lie that he breathes.

The tattered cover holds by a fiber or two,
And the spine is bent and cracked,
From undependable use.
The binding's come undone;
All the pages fall out,
But I'll sit and glue them back,
Every hour after hour.

But the text is fading fast,
With every chapter I go through,
And each cracked and gilded page,
Has me thinking of you.
But the story has a close,
With no redemption in sight,
So I'll sit here with a pen,
And these prayers for you tonight.
Track Name: I hate a Roman named Status Quo
I cannot take this pace:
Hurry, hurry, wait.
The more things change,
The more they stay the same.

Making a plan for escape.
We'll inch ourselves down Commerce Lane,
And float down the river,
Along the highway.